Tube Rolling in the Allnic LS-3000

I just purchased a Allnic LS-3000;it has the following tubes installed: E810F,6485 and 7233.
I would like to hear any opinions on tube rolling or any other words of wisdom(good or bad).
I moved from a Audio Research LS-16MK2 that had 6H30DR tubes and I am not familiar with any of above mentioned tubes.
Rleff, congratulations on the purchase!

I have no knowledge of those tube types either, but FWIW an older Sams Tube Substitution Handbook I have lists the following equivalents for two of those types:

E810F: 7788
6485: 6AH6WA
7233: Not listed.

Best regards,
-- Al
Thanks Al for the data.
I bought an H-3000 phono recently, which uses the same tubes as the L-3000, I believe. My understanding is that people don't really roll tubes in Allnic pre-amps, other than the rectifier in the H-3000. Is there something about the sound you don't like?
No I was just asking if it could be done like in some of my previous preamps.
Contact David at he knows everything about Allnic equipment and is very helpful.