Tube rolling in TAD 150 and Jolida 100cd

My system consists of a Mccormack DNA-1, Alon II speaks, Jolida 100 cd, and TAD 150. I am looking for 3-D soundstage with silky warmth mids and clear extended highs. I am using 12ax7 TJ Full music tubes in the jolida, tubes in TAd unknown (probably stock).

My current sound is good, instruments & vocals come across as though they are distint from the speakers in the middle to back; however the mids don't have enough silky warmth and the highs are not as crisp as I would like.

I am looking for tube recommendations for each of my components.
this just my limited experience, but I was running Amperex Bugelboy 12AT7s in my TAD 150 sig since I bought it a few years ago. They were quite good, but recently one of them went microphonic, so I swapped them out today for some Mullard 6201's (which are industrial gold pin 12AT7s - I think). These are wonderful.
I got great sound using 1957 Sylvania JHS-12TX7WA tubes.They were recommended to me as the "Bing Crosby" of the 12AT7 family. If you're interested in trying them I have many leftover from my TAD-150.
Sorry that should read JHS-12AT7WA
I'm currently using a pair of 12au7 Siemens silver plates in my TAD-150 although the gain is a little lower the sound is great