Tube rolling in Cayin 17A

Curious if anyone who has the Cayin 17A CD player has changed out the stock 6922's?
I will be trying a quad of early 70's Tesla E88CC tubes from Tubemonger, in the 17A. These come highly recommended. Will report in after awhile with them...
Well, the Teslas Mil Spec E88CC gold pins (cross sword white label) are a bit of a dissapointment, so back they go.

To my ears, they sound just like the Siemens CCa of the early 60's..(they are actually 60's Siemens copies with splatter shield) so no suprise the sound. The Cayin loses the wonderful dynamics and presence. Bass is fuller, but less defined. The soundstage really shrinks into the backround and rolls off the top end to excess. Hard to believe that the stock EH is worlds better, but,IMO, it is in this player.
Kehut, i just rolled the stocks to a quad of Sovtek's grey plates, old military, WOW!!! much more open and life-like. My classical muisc and jazz has taken on a more engaging experience. I had several tweaks done with the 17 by a loacl teck geek, Ken. You might want to talk with him, he's a member here.
We may replace the WIMA stock caps to Mundorf or a top american cap, called V.