Tube Rolling for the PSE HL-1

I am new to tube rolling and asked a seller for recommendations on 6922 tubes to roll in my pre amp;below is 2 recommendations he made;any opinions on these as I have no experience with tube rolling in this pre amp.

Twice the quality of the sovtek tubes, the Procomm Mullards sound warm and detailed and at $99 for a quad - they are a steal.

2. A nice warm tube that gets huge premiums, the amperex orange globe tubes sound dynamic with a touch of warmth. $74 a pair (matched).

You would be happy with either, but the Amperex have a more forecefull presentation that folk like.
What sound characteristics are you looking for?
The Siemens/Amperex 6922/7308 would probably be my first choice.
I am looking for more detail to the music;
My system is manley 440/200 monoblocks(6550c sovteks),pse hl-1 pre and soundlab m2 speakers,cd/dvd player is simaudio moon orion player.Cables are Mogami neglex interconnects,transparent speaker cables and Kimber power cords.

I owned a PSE HL1 for more than 8 years and after trying many other tubes I concluded that the standard Sovtek 6922's sounded the best. Bottom line, tube rolling with this preamp is a waste of time. I would look elsewhere in your system to affect the changes you seek like speaker placement, cables, etc..

Good Luck