Tube Rolling for TAD-150

I will receive my TAD-150 tomorrow. I read some great reviews on this unit. Has anyone had the chance to do some tube rolling with this unit. How do the stock tubes compare with other NOS tubes?

Other components; Vandersteen 2CE sigs, McCormack DNA-1 AMP, Adcom GCD500 CD, Thorens 160 C with Goldring 1012 cartridge and LINN Basik plus arm. XTC interconnects, Signal cable and FRO-ZEN power cords....


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I've tried the following tubes;
Stock chinese 12AT7-dry and quite harsh
Brimar 13D5-not much better than stock
RCA 12AU7 cleartop- nice tube, good bass extension and great highs.
RCA 12AU7A- same as the cleartop.
Tunsgram ECC81-much more interesting. similar sound as RCA cleartops with more gain
Sylvania 12AT7WA green label-now were talking great tube.good bass extension,lush mids and crystal clear highs.
Sylvania JHS 12AT7WA-even better than the above tube. It was described to me as the Bing Crosby sound. It is that.
Last I tried a pair of GT12AX7M that I had originally had in my TAD-1000 amps. This was quite a shock as it was very near to the Sylvania JHS tubes, readily available, cheap, and more gain.
Yes I've been very busy this past year