Tube Rolling for Rogue M120 Magnums

Was wondering what the best driver tubes there are for the Rogue Magnum M120's. Have heard great things about the Svetlana's KT88. Also heard good things about Svetlana 6550c, JJ Electronic KT88, Tesla KT88, although reliability is a major concern of mine. Any thoughts also on swapping the 12ax7 or the 2 12au7 tubes? Heard the Tesla 12ax7 was a good choice.
Thanks for your feedback guys

we sell a lot the the tesla jj kt-88 and the 12ax7 to people who have the rougues and every one lets us know how great they are !!! we stock them if you need them

good listening
I have had good results with 5751 in the 12Ax7 position. Also using some GE 5814 very nice 12AU7 replacment.