Tube Rolling for Pro-Ject SE II

Looking to replace stock tubes in my Pro-Ject SE phono stage. Can anyone who owns this unit or anybody else, suggest some tubes to roll with?
Someone mentioned Fisher tubes 12AX7 made by Telefunken.
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I have the previous model the Tube Box SE. I have tried a variety of tubes looking for a good sound.

It came with a pair of Upscale Brimar CV4004 platinum tubes. Great sound, nice and warm, one tube went microphonic and I didn’t want to pay $$$ to replace so...

Tried a pair of JAN Sylvania 12ax7wa. $80/pair from tubeworld. Very quiet, clean crisp nice range but a bit shrill on the top with harmonica and other similar instruments maybe more burn in time?

Just got off Ebay a pair of IEC Mullard 7025A for $50. Not so quiet but not noisy, nice warm fuzzy sound, which is great with my blues albums.

Tried some Groove Tubes GT12AX7M from Upscale Audio, platinum grade. These sound great in my Primaluna amp but not so great in the Tube Box just plain.

Just bought off of Audiogon some Tungsram 12ax7 that came from Upscale Audio triple matched platimunm. Waiting to see what these sound like. From Upscale’s website: “Very low noise, very low in microphony, and one of the most beautiful sounding 12AX7's on the planet. Neutral and smooth. Excellent bass, and long life.”

My system is Primaluna PL2 w/EL34, Triangle Comete ES speakers, listen mostly to blues vinyl, some rock and folk.
You don't mention what you are trying achieve with tube replacement.

You might want to try 5751's. They are a replacement for the 12AX7's. A bit lower gain, but more "lush" sounding.
I'm trying to achieve is a little more slam, foot tapping and clean sound. The stock tubes are not bad just a tad warm for my rock lp's. Maybe they need more hrs to break in. they have about 30 hrs on them.
I didn't know the Tube box SE came w/Brimar CV4004 platinum tubes. Maybe the SE II also does.
I emailed the Sumiko/Pro-ject rep last spring and they don't reccommend 5751's. I wanted to try them for the low noise factor. On another thread someone else said they tried them in a Tube Box and got lower output and they ran hot. So sounds like they would work but not the same as 12ax7's
You say the stock tubes are a tad warm for your rock lp's. How do you know it's the tubes? Is this a new phono stage in your system? Perhaps it's the unit itself that's "warm". I'd suggest trying a couple of inexpensive tubes to see what effect they have on the sound, and then look for good tubes once you know that different tubes will make a difference.
Sorry the Tube Box did not come with the CV4004 I bought them used with it. I buy 99% of my gear used. With what you are looking for look at the JAN Slyvania 12ax7wa. Clean, crisp, solid range and cheap for a 12ax7 tube.