tube rolling for different music genres

Do any of you tube guys and gals switch preamp or amp tubes depending on the type of music you are listening to? I find myself liking all NOS mullard longplates in my phono stage for jazz listening sessions. I then use a combination of RCA blackplates and bugle boys for blues/country music. Then I like using Telefunkens for rock. The telefunkens are my go to tube as they seem to excell with all music types. I find the mullards to be more pleasing with jazz music but, they add too much color to vocals. Does anyone else do this or have I gone off the deep end?
"Have I gone off the deep end? IMHO...yes.
hahaha. I suppose I am being a bit OCD about it. There is no doubt that all tubes have strengths and weaknesses. I could just live with the telefunkens and be happy and when I'm lazy that's exactly what I do. I really do like the mullards for jazz though. I have only had the amperex bugle boys for a short time but, I am liking those more as I listen to them. Who knows, maybe I will settle on a single type one day but, I enjoy tube rolling
I switch out the driver tubes in my amps sometimes. If I'm craving leaner more powerful bass it's EH,normally it's GoldLion.That's one of the great things about tubed components,you can tweak them do give different presentations.I refuse to admit I have a problem:>
Andy...I enjoy tube rolling too, but not for different types/genres of music. I thought I was a little OCD, glad to know they are others worse off :-)