Tube rolling experts!!!

Hi guys,

I am looking for advise based on your experience with these particular tubes in my components.  

I own a Raysonic CD128 since 2009. The player came with 4 Russian 6922 EH tubes. I don't know what's the average life span of tubes or when they start to deteriorate from their optimal performance. The player is used sparingly, may be no more than 500 hours over last 7 years. Is it time to replace stock tubes?  

The second components is Modwright Elyse with Phillips NOS 5R4GYS Rectifier and Tungram PCC88/7DJ8. Is there anything else out there that I can experiment for substantial boost in sonics?

I am after that lush midrange and extended top end. More air around the instruments, but stay away from anything that overly 'bright'.  

The associated components are Krell Evolution processor and Modwright KWA150SE (both solid state). 

Thank you for your time!
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The tubes in your Raysonic will last many more hours before they require replacement. At the rate you use this unit you may never have to replace them. However if you want a different tone than afforded by the EH’s it is easy to change by using different tubes. I use JJ 6922’s in mine.
I strongly recommend you try a Canadian Westinghouse VU-71 rectifier.  It is a 5U4 rectifier.  This is my favorite of all the 5U4, 5U4GB, GZ34, and 5R4GYS tubes I have tried in my ModWright power supplies.   There is one on sale for $149 on e-bay now, so you can see what I am talking about.  Take a look around and you can probably find one cheaper.  I think highly enough of this tube that I bought 5 of them.  Three are in use and I'm holding 2 as spares.  I have paid anywhere from $99 used to $199 NOS.  I suspect this will be more closely aligned with your stated goals.  I found it to have less of a bright edginess than the Phillips 5R4GYS, but has a nice sweet extended top end with a very sophisticated layering in the midrange.  Brent Jesse has a nice description of these tubes although he has been sold out for years.  They are a well kept secret and getting scarce.

I don't have any experience with the 7DJ8 you are using.  I am using Telefunken 6922's that I got from Upscale.  They are mighty nice tubes, but I can't make a guess how they would compare to your Tungrams.  Enjoy your Elyse!  Dan does nice work.
274b is  a rectifier made specifically for Audio 
The Emmisions lab 274b is a true mesh plate and hand made a fantastic improvement in sound but $275  you power supply needs to be able to handle 3 amps . I use Lundahl transformers in  mine. You can also look up thd Emmisions lab 5u4b also  $275 just look it up and look at thd build quality this true mesh plates produce a much more 3 Dimensional presentation.
I have used several Mullards ,RCA   as well as Shugaung  which the preferred series are actually very hood for under  $35. Best of luck 
I have tried Siemens Cca, Siemens E88CC A frame, Tungsram E88CC, Mullard E88CC Parasol Getter, Tungsram 7DJ8, and Phillips Miniwatt SQ (made in England) in my Modwright Elyse.  I like the Phillips the best, great midrange, great base response, and balanced top end.
Thank you all for your recommendation. I will ordering some of these tubes and try to have some fun! 
I have the Phillips 5R4GYS and Telefunken E88CC's in my Elyse and love the combination.  I did have to send my Elyse back for an issue which was fixed, I included the Telefunkens which Dan compared in his lab, his comment was they are very good.
azbrd, so far 2+ on Telefunkens. I am sure they are every bit good but also expensive. Just as much as Phillps miniwatt SQ. 

Thank you! 
azbrd, which one's did you go with, gold or platinum grade?
I have had the Raysonic cd128 for about 5 years, never changed the tubes, the guy I bought it from had already upgraded tubes (philips) so I can not compare with original stock tubes.

A big change happened for me, when I swapped out the standard power cable to a Shunyata Alpha Digital.

Please could you advise, when changing tubes for RCA do you change all four tubes?
eyeshigher, thanks for your feedback.  I love my CD128 as well, it's a awesome player for under 2K. If you haven't already done so, try some of the K2HD and XRCD's, they sound phenomenal on this player. 

I agree with your assessment of upgraded powercord. I am using a Verastarr Grand Illusion Signature Series II PC.  

I am going to try Telefunkens E88CC/6922 first on my DAC and then upgrade tubes for CD128.  

I don't have much tube rolling experience, I am going to defer your query about changing all four tubes to someone who is probably an expert on the subject matter. 

Good luck!
I got the platinum grade + CRYOGENICALLY TREATED.  I'm not really sure if the treatment does anything sonically but its only $8 so why not.

Has anyone tried the Amperex 7308s? I have been curious about this tube too.
Thank you, I am rolling with Telefunken Platimun grade + Cryogenic.