Tube Rolling Experience with ARC PH-7

I own an ARC PH-7 with stock ARC supplied tubes. I'm getting close to the time for a retube. The PH-7 has (1) 5881 tube and (1) 6H30 tube in the power supply. It also has (4) 6992 tubes in the audio gain section. All are ARC stock tubes. Has anyone tube rolled the PH-7?? If so, care to report your experience?? Thanks
Just getting this out again. Any advice would be appreciated.
Rolling the 6DJ8 family tubes with NOS will pay genuine dividends. What I heard from my unit was consistent with the character of the particular tubes I used. IOW the tube will sound in the PH-7 pretty much the way it sounds elsewhere - the PH-7 is pretty straightforward in that way. Amperex 6DJ8 Orange Globes, Amperex 7308 USN, Valvo 7308s, Siemens 7308, Telefunken 7308 - they all worked well. In general I heard smoother, sweeter and higher top end extension with more air and articulation. Overall better tonality and image specificity. Bass tightened up a little bit. A nice phonostage got nicer! Fwiw, I used the Herbies Tube Dampers over the stock silicon rings.