tube rolling cary sli-80

happy holiday to all audiogoners,what would be the best tubes to roll,power tubes or preamp tubes to change the sound.looking for a warmer sound.if power tubes what is the bias fo EL-34 tube.thank you
I have found that changing the signal(preamp) tubes make the biggest impact in tonal quality.Try them first then experiment with your power tubes.I use a Rogue Audio integrated,but,I would think you would have a similar experience with the Cary.Just a thought.
Best to roll the drive tubes first (6SN7). Some use Pope, or NOS Sylvania, Kenrad 6SN7/VT231 W, WGT, GT, GTA ...
Next, roll those retifier tubes
I have great result with my SLP-05/CAD120S combo
Google for info on 6SN7
Good luck
I just read the SLI-80 manual and want to make a correction!
Best to roll is those input tube 6922 - Google Joe's tube Lore - It tells you which one to hunt
I use Amperex PQ 6922 white label USA made, sound awesome

Good luck