Tube rolling Bat vk-3i

Pulling tubes and want some recommendations on what 6922 tubes work the best, I am looking for definition and punch! thanks
Best is such a subjective word, it means many different things to many different people. There is no best 6922, just as there is no best amp, speaker, preamp, etc.

Maybe you should just ask "what is your favorite 6DJ8 variant?" In which case I would reply that my favorite is a 7308 Amperex white label PQ. Amperex and Siemens should give more definition and punch, while Telefunkens and Mullards are generally warmer and smoother. As always, YMMV.
Thanks for the feedback ,notice that I said worked the best and definition and some bottom end slam or punch are the traits that to me are desirable, I am using a music reference rm9 in conjunction with the bat and sometimes feel that the presentation can be a little soft and rounded off although not to the extreme, the tubes in the pre are the original sovteks and seem to be on the downward slope, I will look into the amprexes, thanks again!
The Orange Globe made in Holland 7308 Amperex was my favorite in the VK 3's. Another less expensive and "less glamorous" tube than the Amperex that displayed good balance in my system was the 6922 Matsushita. It was built using Mullard tooling that seemed to have more definition and punch.
The "better" 6922s/E88CCs 7308s Ccas etc have become very expensive. The style of sound you desire would likely be found in the German tubes Siemens in particular and Telefunken of course. If you are comfortable spending $300 and over for a pair of fresh strong ones thats what you might want to try. They hold their value well. I will let you in on my favorite of this family which shares some of these characteristics. The Mullard (never mind that its English) CV-2493,E88CC-01s which you can buy at Upscale Audio for less than the German tubes but still not cheap. The cool thing is that they sound like German tubes.