Tube rolling a Pro-ject Tube box SE

I recently added a Tube Box SE to my system (Primlauna PL2 w/EL34, Triangle Comete)

The phono stage came with stock tubes and Mullard CV4004. It sounded great with the Mullards but i decided to switch them out with the GT mullard copy (12ax7M) from the PL2.

So the CV4004 sounds better in the amp but the GT12ax7M does not sound as good in the Tube Box.

So any recommendations for a good low noise tube for the Tube Box?
I'm not looking for excessive warmth and would like some detail.

I've got basically the same setup, PL2 with the Tube Box SE II. The previous owner of the PL2 sent a matched set of EL34's and some Mullard 12ax7's with it. I wasn't real fond of the EL34's in the PL2. I tried the Mullard's in the PL2, but that wasn't right either. I then switched the stock tubes in the Tube Box with the Mullard 12ax7's.... That was it. I'm currently running a matched quad set SED winged C's in the PL2 with the stock smaller tubes.