Tube rolling

A subjective review on my tube rolling efforts on my Wavac EC 300b

First up 300b‘s from TJ Full Music, Takatsuki and EAT

TJs (mesh plate): warm, expansive soundstage, mushy bass and slightly hissy treble, overall a bit of a ‘loose’ presentation
Takatsukis: very nicely integrated, mellow but articulate treble, very transparent and deepest soundstage
EAT: most extended bass and treble, highest ‘jump’ factor, medium soundstage, least euphonic

In summary: classical music on Takatsuki, Jazz and rock on EAT

And now 6l6 GCs from JAN Philips 7581, Tung-Sol KT66 and Svetlana Winged-C as rectifier tubes

First remark: it is surprising how much impact the rectifier tubes have on the overall sound. Furthermore there is a mixing and matching opportunity with the power tubes above whereas the character of each tube remains the same irrespective of the power tube chosen

JAN Philips: this was a cryo’d version: very extended and fast, in many ways the most ‘modern’ tube albeit ultimately too aggressive for my taste.

Tung-Sol KT66: this is really a 6L6GC in a KT66 bottle with corresponding lower heater current. A very mellow, well integrated tube with very sweet treble and a somewhat bloated and slow bass: albeit ‘tubey’, very musical

Svetlana Winged-C: again a cryo’d tube: ultimately transparent with extended, smooth treble and very articulate and deep bass. great leading edge and ‘jump’ factor.

Final word, I started by pointing out the subjectivity of the above: YMMV depending on personal taste, amplifier design and interdependency of tube selections
Like judging wine, commenting on tube SQ is so entirely subjective! 
For the 6L6, look at the new Tung Sol 7581A. I have them in four amplifiers. Expect transparency top to bottom, tons of detail yet sweet enough to allow timbre to shine through. Great bass. Allow 20 hours to open out.  Best 6L6 out there... although I’ve heard very good things about the new Tung Sol EL34B.

thanks, sounds interesting, have you tried the Svetlanas?
i also tried russian tung sol 7581a’s in my primaluna hp amp

nice tube, good imaging, smooth response, especially likes triode mode the amp allows (though with a reduction in power output)