Tube rolling 6922 tubes looking for transparency

I have a sunfire classic vacuum tube control center pre-amp that uses 3 stock sovtek 6922 tubes. I am looking to tube roll to a tube that is (reasonably priced) with a little more transparency and air! I tried tube valleys recommendation of Jan-Phillips low noise 6922 and it was more transparent and would have been perfect but apparently this is one of the pre-amps that has a microphics problem when using these tubes. Does anyone have experience with a (reasonably priced) 6922 that’s a little more transparent with a little more air than the stock sovteks!
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I've been using Siemens CCa's(from the late 50's-early 60's) for a number of years(six in my CDP, lately), because of their transparency, frequency extension, bass accuracy and sound stage abilities. The CCa was a specially selected 6922 family tube, chosen for low noise, long life, low microphonics/transparency for the German telephone, telex, and telegraph services(VERY picky). Many of the German telephone hubs used tube equipment and for telephone equipment you want a "noise/coloration-free" environment. Very much worth the effort to find, and every penny spent, for the sonic rewards that they present.
Telefunken, Lorenz, Valvo and Phillips all had selections for the "German and Dutch Post" also.
I second the EH 6922. They are much better than Sovtek, cost little and in my experience greatly outlive most NOS.
Rod, let me know where you can find some reasonably priced Siemens CCA's!!
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