Tube rolling

I just purchased a Manley Chinook and would like to hear from those that have rolled tubes in this phono pre-amp that has given a better overall presentation than the stock GH.

Also which of the four 6922's are the most important and makes the greatest impact.

Enjoy music and thank you for your support on matter.
I bought the Manley Chinook almost one year ago. I replaced all of the stock tubes with NOS Siemens Halske from Vintage Tube Services. The sound was much improved and I haven't had any issues with the device. I really like the unit a lot. I did contact Manley with the same question about input/output tubes in terms of overall importance and replacement priority. They helped me decipher the schematic so I knew which tubes were which and they offered guidance. In the end, I replaced all stock tubes at the same time, so it really wasn't an issue because the input/output tubes were replaced with matched pairs. Give Manley technical support a call and contact Andy at Vintage Tube Services regarding tube rolling ideas.