Tube Rolling 12AX7 - Need Advice/Suggestions

Have a Jolida SJ-502A Tube Integrated who's tube compliment is currently (4) Tung-sol 6550, (2) Tung-sol 12AX7 and (2) NOS RCA 12AT7.

Recently purchased a Jolida JD-100 CDP which currently is using (2) NOS RCA 12AX7. The person I bought the CDP from kindly (thanks Colleen) gave me a stash of some 12AX7 tubes which include pairs of EI Elites 12AX7E ,Gold Series Groove Tubes 12AX7-M, and EH 12AX7.

Right now, the Tung-sol in the amp, and the NOS RCA in the CDP sound good, but wondering what other 12AX7 combinations might sound as good or maybe even better? Anyway, was curious about what some of you more experienced "tube rollers" might think would be the best combination of 12AX7 to be running in the CDP and AMP?

All comment appreciated.
You might do some searching on A-gon as there have been quite a few discussions about tube rolling with the Jolida 100.

Raytheon 5751 NOS is an excellent choice(I ran these until one failed, I've now found a replacement, but haven't switched back), if you can find them. They won't be cheap..last I saw they we running about $75 each.

Amperex globes or BB's are very good(I'm running these now).

You might try Siemens tubes..also very good & pricey to match.

GE 3x mica black plates..while the rage for some were not as good as the above(IMHO).

Where you net out depends on what happens to the signal once it leaves the Jolida. Everyone's mileage varies with their equipment & ear.
Hey Fishboat,

Appreciate your advice, but I'm less interested in going out and buying some more 12AX7 tubes, and more interested in knowing what combination of 12AX7 tubes in both amp and CDP, work well based on the tubes that I have on hand. Guess I should have made that point a little clearer in my orginal post.
My guess is ( guessing only ) that the tubes you are using are better quality tubes than the tubes you were given..They are new production 12ax7 ( nothing personal ) and probably why they were given to you,due to there modest value..They will certainly work but my guess ( I have tried them myself ) is what your using is better............
Ditto on Thorman's comments. It is doubtful the RCA NOS will be beat by current production, unless you are having microphony or noise with your RCAs.
Of those new production tubes that were given to you the Groove Tubes are the best IMO. Try them in the amp. As previously stated those RCAs will be hard to beat, so keep them in the CDP. Of course a lot depends on whether you are using closely matched pairs.

If I recall my research when I was considering a Jolida CDP a lot people like the black plate 5751s, a lower gain version of the 12AX7. A good source to look up on the Internet is Joe's Tube Lore. There is a whole section of the sound characteristics of 12AX7 and 5651 tubes (others as well). I think in the long run its best if you experiment on your own (with those tubes you have). A lot more fun too. Maybe later you'll decide to try some others.
Brendan Biever of recommended and sold me some
great 12au7 and 5687 tubes for my preamp/headphone amp.
They made a world of difference from the stock tubes.
Much more liquid and alive and relaxed at the same time.
Well right now, I'm running the NOS RCAs in the CDP, and the EH 12AX7 (switched out the Tung-Sols) in the amp, and it's sounding pretty sweet. This afternoon I've listen to Robbin Ford, Susan Tedeschi, and Tab Benoit, and it sounds the way I want to hear it. Now how the EH 12AX7 might sound with Allison Krauss or Del McCoury might be a differnt story. But for my more blues orientated material the EH is sounding fine. Definely got that "juke joint" sound.
I have the 502B and 100 myself.
I have tried various current production tubes.
I have tried EH, EI, Groove Tubes and the Sovtek LPS (and a couple others).
I settled on the Sovteks before hearing the Groove tubes,
then switched to the Groove tubes but after a couple months went back to the Sovteks in both units.
Both are good but the Sovteks are more musical to me.
I have not tried any NOS.
FWIW, I like the Genalex Gold Lion KT-88 reissues the best for the power tubes.