Tube Research Labs multi channel preamp

I have heard that Tube Research has a new multi channel preamp. I am in the market for one...anyone got an opinion or knowledge if it really exists??
Try their web page
$25,000 is a lot of money. I wonder how many will sell in a somewhat small multichannel crowd. Brave company for the Brave buyer.

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I haven't heard the new TRL multi-channel preamp, but as the owner of TRL amps and 2 channel preamps I can tell you that TRL isn't into selling quantity. If this preamp follows suit, those into multi-channel may be in for a real treat.

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Does anyone know how the TRL 2-channel preamp compares with the Atma-Sphere MP-1 or the First Sound Paramount?
Paul at Tube Research designed the circuit for the First Sound pre-amp as a favor to his friend, Emmanual Go, owner of First Sound. Friends or not, I can't imagine him giving Emmanual a circuit as good as his. Sonically, there is a difference.

The MP-1 is a fine pre-amp but lacks the soundstaging, dynamics and resolution of the TRL GTP-3 pre-amp, IME. Of course TRL has offered the GTP-4 pre-amp for the past 18 months that is much better. I'm patiently waiting for mine, which I don't mind. I know what I'll have when it gets here.

I suggest auditioning the TRL if you can before settling for anything else.
Thanks for your informative response. I think good responses generate additional questions. In this instance, your response raises questions beyond the scope of our subject.

For instance, one wonders whether at the uppermost levels of any enterprise those in command share intimate knowledge of their competitors' activities: Does the CEO of General Motors confer regularly with his counterpart at Ford? "Hey, Ed, how're you doing this morning?" "Hi, John, not too bad. Had a great round of golf yesterday afternoon. How's the family? And how's by you?" "Nothing really eventful. Just calling to let you know that in early 2006 we're going to reintroduce Carroll Shelby's Cobra to compete with your Corvette. Anything new with you?" "No, not really. Tho in late 2005, we're going to introduce a Ford sports car/sedan that'll compete in the same class as the Jaguar. I know, I know. We own Jaguar, but it's a loser. The new Ford will allow us to quietly phase out the Jaguar." And then there's the obvious ethical debt that Bill Gates owes Steve Jobs. One also ponders Arnie Nudell's contribution to Infinity/Genesis/Carver.

But back to the subject of sound reproduction. Your remarks make me wonder what are the relative contributions of a turntable/cartridge, amplifier, preamp, and speakers to soundstaging, dynamics, and resolution. I would have thought that a preamp would contribute the least to these 3 paramters.

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If TRL products represent the cost-no-object, the absolutely no-compromise approach to component manufacturing, why doesn't the manufacturer install balanced signal paths? In the TRL preamp, for instance, what's done to minimize noise?