Tube Research Labs multi channel preamp

Anybody heard the Tube Research Labs multi-channel preamp.? I need a preamp which won't hurt the sound of my (2 channel) turntable and SACD system, and still do multi-channel for movies with the family without the unhooking of cables, etc. I'm considering the Meitner, but I think a preamp is important and should be tubed.
What is the rest of your system?
Tube research has an excellent rating. If you can swing the bucks, go for it.
I'm on the list for the TRL multi-channel pre-amp, a couple after the review unit going to David Robinson. I've had Tube Research Labs pre-amps since they first came out, nothing else comes close in dynamic range, bass, highs. I use to not take "surround sound" or multi-channel seriously, but have heard a few good things, some good DVD movies are okay, 'some' SACD engineers get it, all multi-channel media is not gimmicky and stupid. And I agree with gspdbeemer, that I don't want to lose my good 2 channel sound, I like listening to my old jazz analog tapes and jazz LP's.

I never thought I'd be saying this, but there is finally something to this "quad" thing. If you haven't heard a convincing demonstration of this, then it is either the gear, or the source material's engineer.

Two channel is probably where it's at for me, I'm use to it. But, for a very few, now, exceptions, I want to check out MCH.

Hi,JTinn. Was away on business (actually, ski Canada!), wasn't trying to ignore you.
I use Tube Research 300's with Mini Utopias on custom stands. My preamp. is a Jadis line-stage, I really like the sound of it, but it tends to eat expensive tubes. I have a highly-modded SCD-1. I'm not really ready to go multi-channel, but will work up to it slowly. Tube Research emailed me, I'll be trying their preamp. next month. I'll let you know how that goes, I've been through lots of gear, the constant in my system has been my amps.
Saw it at VSAC2003, I want one if I can ever afford it. It weighs something like 200#? I've had their GT200 monoblocks for years, I'd never sell them, nothing that I've tried even comes close. I called them, they have a waiting list on the pre.
Saw it on their website, would've liked to see more details and specs.
Their website is really incomplete by high-end audio standards.
Paul makes GREAT gear. I think it is going to be a very special preamp. Having the opportunity to hear it first is a huge benefit. It is certain to match well with your amplifier. I have not heard it yet and I have no doubt it is wonderful.

As far as the EMM Labs (Meitner) Switchman 3, being the distributor, I am biased, but I have always loved tube gear. What I hear with the Switchman is complete lack of coloration and no sense of a solid state sound. Solidity of images within the stage is phenominal and dynamics are great. The musicality is what gets me the most.

Right now, I have it in my reference system with the EMM Labs DAC 6, Tenor 300 hybrids and Kharma Exquisite 1a Extended reference speakers. I am using it only for 2 channels. If I heard a better preamp, I would be using it.

Where are you located?
JTinn, I certainly agree with you, if there was a better amp. on the planet, I'd have it. My amps. do stuff that I've never heard any other amps. do, and I like how they look. I live in the Pac. NW, you?
If you can get a grasp of what being surrounded, NO enveloped by the ultimate components on this Earth would be like, then you might understand what's going on here. Every sense involved, not just an aural encounter of the fourth kind, but a total immersion, then you would be getting a glimpse of Tube Research Labs delivers. Do I own their components?? Yes! Are they expensive?? YES! Would I trade my Countach for a Corvette?? NO!!!! Enjoy the ride, life is short.
The Phantomphile
You ask is there anything finer?
Is it fact or just some ol' whiner.
Tube Research Labs stuff
Is way beyond fluff,
Like exotic cuisine for the diner!
I'm not sure about the poem and total immersion, but I can sy that I've been very happy with my TRL pre-amp. I'm told that the multi-channel is basically 3 times what I currently own. I'm also waiting for a TRL SET-75, hopefully they will both deliver around the same time.
gspdbeemer: Portland, Oregon. I would love to hook up at some point.

WOW-PAL!! What a great designer of electronic gear. A lot more in store. Hold on tight to the man who gets it right. Paul Weitzel has got the juice and sure knows how to cut it loose. He is the triple crown winner of the downtown sound. Be well!