Tube Research Labs gear...querie

Has anyone heard any of this gear? Their website lists both a multichannel preamp and a new ?pre-processor duo. I'd like some advice as to the quality/sound. Right now I'm using the Bryston for the multichannel and an Acoustic Research SP16 for two channel/phono reproduction.


Do an archive search of Tube Research. You will find many threads.
I've done the search and unfortunately there isn't a thread that answers my question. Any help is greatly appreciated.
I looked at it, if its a penny under $20k I think I would be surprised. This company is known for its beautiful pieces that sound great, but they are also known for there fairly high prices- fwiw. I could be wrong with my price figure but I'd bet it'll be close.
Another way to get a handle on Tube Research is to check out the Bluebook service here on audiogon. Anyone serious about buying used products should be enrolled in this service.

Yes, this is a subscription service, but considering how much one can save with this knowledge, it is well worth it.

I do understand that Tube Research makes excellent equipment. The new purchase price is very high, while the bluebook numbers show more than a 50% decline in value in the used market. If such data matters to you, you might look to McIntosh or one of the other products that seem to hold at least 60-70% resale value.

I have been watching the occasional Tube Research Amp pass through the classifieds, and I think that at the used price there is great value.
Please do not compare TRL to McIntosh unless you have actually heard the difference. It will greatly affect your reputation.

FYI, TRL has had several price increases over the past 2 years, which has worked well for those that are moving up the product line. Make no mistake, Tube Research Labs offers the best resale known within the high end audio market. I've sold several to move up the product line and have lost little or no money. Who else can claim this? Nobody.
True; Tube Research is the superior product. I was just looking at comparisons in the Audiogon Bluebook. The decline in price from new to used is statistically greater with Tube Research over McIntosh.

Of course, as Mark Twain never (but should have) said:

First there are lies. Then come damn lies, and after that comes statistics.
Thanks guys!

The paraphrased quote is from Disraeli.