Tube Research GT-100, GT-200, Lamm 1.2 for 4 ohm

Guys, I am looking into upgrading my amps, my speakers are Reimer Tetons, with a load from 3.8-4 ohm. I am looking for as close as I can get, to high power SET sound, with the midrange magic, but extended treble, and monster bass. I understand my pre-amp will be important too, but, I am concentrating on amplification for now. I am not dead set on these amps, per se, and would love to hear some suggestions, and feed back from owners who have these amps.

Thanks in advance

Drop a dime and buy VAC Phi 220 monos. You'll not look back.

Or...even better a VAC Phi Beta integrated amplifier. All
the benefits of the top-of-the-line VAC products rolled into one sexy

Tvad, you sure?, Is it great for 4 ohm load?
Yeah, that integrated IS one sexy BEAST! Vey purty
Smilin, the VAC amps have separate speaker taps for 8 ohm and 4 ohm loads.

Transparent and dynamic. Check 'em out.
Stick with the GT-200's, 711. Trust me ...

Welcome to the club ...

Best wishes,
Jack Seaton
I keep trying other amps but nothing I've heard has outdone my Lamm M1.1s... on my Wilson Watt Puppy 7's which are a 4ohm load with a min of 3.6ohm. and this is the strongest 100watts of class A magic. There is a reason this combo has won some of the best systems sound at all the stereo shows over the years. The midrange is glorious, and the soundstage is huge, plus the mid/low bass has serious impact and most importantly CONTROL!

Getting an excellent preamp of course makes the experience even more enjoyable.

Plus the beauty of a single 6922 input tube per monoblock that are $25 each from Lamm!

You have got to hear any of the Lamm amplifiers (I owned the 2.1's also but this 100watts of class A power outdid my 1000watt a channel 125lb Class AB, so I went for more Class A bias)

They generate a ton of heat as a true Class A design but I just listen with the AC on, a cold beer, and shorts/tshirt in bliss! I spend more time listening instead of tube rolling which is most excellent for me, but might limit others.
I previously owned the LAMM 1.1 and the ML-2. I thought nothing would ever get me to change amps. Then I heard the Tube Research GT-200's. Completely changed my perception of what a amp could do. The most amazing piece of audio equipment I have ever heard.

711, the TRL amps are very nice. I would suggest bringing the rest of your system and room up toward that level before taking the plunge. Everything matters.
What is the difference between the GT-100 and GT200?
Actually I am asking opinions of the ST-100 that is for sale here? Any opinions on the sonic difference to the GT-200?


Yes, Brian ... everything matters.
I cannot help but laugh every time someone compares other audio components to tube research. I have not heard the ss yet but I am sure it is awsome. First of all tube research is simply to inexpensive for what you get. How can you compare pauls entry level preamp to for 5k new range to 20k 30k even 100k preamps. Nothing I have seen or heard comes close. How can he sell his gear so cheap. I have owned his gtrp preamp. A gtp3 and 4 and just ordered a new 7. I have currently the special edition gt400 monos and a 100 watt prototype. I have owned the 300 monos 200 monos 400s twice and the mighty 800s. Tube research is the best I have ever heard. Anyone in south Florida is welcome to demo and see for yourself.