Tube Research GT-100 and Audio Physic Virgos

I'm looking to try some tube amps with my Audio Physic Virgos. I can't seem to find any spec's on the TRL GT-100's. The AP's are a 4 ohm load. Will this be enough to drive them in a rather large room? The room is good sized and it has 20 foot ceilings.

rest of the system:
Michel Gyro deck/Brit Audio/Dynavector
Phillips modded CD/DVD
Reflection preamp
Herron Mono's
Coincident IC's and power cord
Polk Cobra
I would give Cary a try. I'm driving the Audio Physic Step SLE monitors with my Cary SLA-70 MKII. From my understanding, my monitors are the same tweeters as the Virgos. The smaller amps might not have as much power to do what you want, but some of Cary's larger amps have some incredible power. The Cary sound is extremely satisfying with lots of air and weight and an insane soundstage. (not to mention that they have the best customer service in the business...I've gotten replies to emails within minutes) Perfect match with the Audio Physic. Best sound benefit from precise speaker positioning though. Also, I'd look into VAC. If you email or call them up, they actually praise Audio Physic with their equipment. I've never tried a VAC dealer in the area.
Call Paul Weitzel at TRL, he will give you the information you're looking for.
Paul says his latest Transistor amps, better his tubes, I would give them a try, or if ya wanna save some $$$, and smile all the way to the bank, the Dodd audio 120's are da bomb!!!!