Tube replce for Music Reference RM-5?

I need to replace my line stage tube in my rm5,I have sed el 34 in my rm9,I think the replacement is 6922.Any suggestions?
JJ Electronics 6922 if you need a touch of warmth.JD
I've used a M.R. RM5III for several years and have tried just about every 6dj8 and 6922 out there in the line stage except for really high priced things like pinch waisted amperexes. This sort of thing is dependent on your taste in audio, what I or someone else like might not reflect your preferences. That said, my favorites have been (in order) : Siemens 6dj8 from the sixties, 70's Amperex Orange Globes with halo getter, 70's Mullard 6922, and a very strange bird - a 6922 gold pin labeled "made in japan" branded "Ad Yu." I think it's actually relabled Apererex stock, looks identical to an Amperex in all respects. The "Rocket Logo" Russian 6h23 that Upscale Audio sells also sounds pretty darn fine IMHO, easy to get and not expensive. If you're lucky enough to find the 60's Siemens 6dj8 though, that one really is sweet. Holographic & liquid soundstage, good bass, airy treble.
Contact the designer Roger Modjeski, he will have tubes for you that are well matched and low noise.
Thanks for the answers,I do like warmth and liquid sound.
Photon do you know the prices of some of these tubes?
I started with Rodger's low noise matched tubes, they are overpriced and uninspiring garden variety Russian 6922's. Five years ago they were about $130 for a set of three. The line stage only uses one tube, so matching isn't an issue in that application. The Russian 6h23's "bedpan getters" from Upscale Audio are MUCH better sounding and only cost about $75-80 for a set of three if you buy the best low noise ones for the phono stage. Troyca, you have to search vendors to find the old stuff, prices are high in most cases. Brent Jesse ( and are reliable and expensive (75.00 and up each.) In years past, I combed the Ebay ads and looked for RCA branded tubes that were rebranded Amperexes, Siemens, etc. I think I paid $15.00 for the 60's Siemens, but I was VERY lucky. People are hipper to the RCA thing and they don't slip under the radar too often.