Tube rectifier or solid state

Someone has modified a pair of vintage macs with tube rectifiers to solid state rectifiers is this good or bad for sound.When you change the brand of rectifier tube does it change the sound like it does with other tubes?
Yes and no and yes and no,
Rectifiers have a bit difference in sound, SS rectification is a much better answer when done correctly, you have to warm the tubes and most SS rectifiers don't do it well. A delay circuit with the new rectifiers will so ask about the tube delay.

If it has it fear not and forge ahead, if not it could shorten toob life.

Yes it's bad and yes different tubes sound different. Maybe not as dramatic as changing input tubes but it does make a difference.

Many highly respected designers swear by tube rectifiers. One of the reasons is the slow warm up mentioned above, but they also consider them to be better sounding. Why would they use tubes if solid state sounded better, especially when doing it with tubes costs more?

Replacing a tube rectifier with solid state will also lead to a much higher B+ voltage unless steps are taken to reduce it. This can be detrimental to the sound and also lead to premature failure of tubes and other components.

I would steer clear of these amps. The $$ value has been compromised by these modifications and I would bet that the sound has been also.
auto bias control circuit just like in quicksilver amps prevent large b+ steps during the wormup proccess.