Tube Recommendations Please

I use an Audio Research PH5 phono preamp.  It is the only tube gear in my system, and I am far from an expert in tube electronics.  I've had the preamp for at least a decade, and I am feeling it's probably getting to be time to replace its four 6922 tubes.  The problem is that I don't know how to go about selecting from among the various brands that I see online, including Amperex, Telefunken, Electro-Harmonix, etc.  Can anyone suggest tubes that will be quiet, reliable, and provide both midrange warmth and a tight, extended presentation in the high and low ends?  Yes, I want it all ...

FYI, the rest of my system is VPI 'table, Lyra Delos cartridge, Ayre Acoustics amplification, Vandersteen 5A speakers, with all cabling from Audioquest. 

Thanks for any advice, and happy listening!  


dawgfish, what you described is the Amperex from the late 50s and early 60s, either Holland or US.

Pulling this back out but have to share... went from stock Sovtek 12ax7s in my Calypso to NOS Mullards from Upscale. I thought they were terrific in this Linestage. Of course, never satisfied I brought in 2 vintage matched Telefunkens pushed by the hype... they are/were magnificent. Hype realized however, I just came across (8) NOS Tungsrams, yep 8! I can emphatically say this the finest my Calypso/system has ever sounded. The Tungsrams are balance with a deep snappy bottom and just the right amount of sizzle. The midrange is milky smooth and the soundstage is deeper and wider than I have ever experienced. I know these are pretty rare and honestly, where these came from, there's no doubt the origin owner (hoarder) of these incredible tubes knew exactly how magical they perform. I'm not going to keep them all but I am keeping (4) and will sell off the other (4). If anyone's interested LMK. 

Many of the "NOS" that are sold are pulls.   Be careful who you buy them from.  With ARC gear I would probably buy them from ARC.   Gold Lion 6922 are great when you get quiet ones.   As others have said , Brent Jessee is a trusted source.  Tube Museum out of NYC is also.   He has a bunch of NOS 6922, not cheap but premium tubes.

I have a whole box of tubes that were "NOS" , and I say were NOS because once I bought a tube tester I found a number of them that were not well balanced or barely strong enough to call NOS.    

There are a lot of self proclaimed Tube Dealers out there , be careful.

Yeah, these came from an estate of fabulous vintage audio gear. The Tungsrams I'm speaking about are in boxes that had never been opened... until I popped out two and put them in my linestage. The gentleman was stashing them away for himself and or I'd guess his closest audio friends. Anyway, have made many purchases from all the most reputable dealers. I can test tubes myself so I know exactly what I'm buying once I get them home. Have never been let down. Felt like sharing an incredible tube experience. Thought I had climbed the 12ax7 ladder to the top. I was wrong... always one more rung