Tube Recommendations for Counterpoint 5000 & 220?

What tubes do you recommend for these units. I will not be using the phono stage in the preamp.

Michael Eliott, the designer of these products, shares his opinion of good tube choices here-
What is the rest of the system and what types of strengths do you want to emphasize?

The Eliott recommendations cover current production tubes and some rectifiers in detail, but won't allow tailoring of NOS tubes to your system, so you are probably better off by letting the Audiogoners know what you want from the tubes. Since these both use 6dj8/6922/ecc88 you have a LOT of choices...
I am looking for a real sound that probably leans towards a tube mid range sound or warmer sound. Does anyone have experience with trying different tubes in the SA-220 amp and what were your results? I was thinking about Amperex Bugle Boy 6DJ8s I am not familiar with the other tube the amp requires. I do not have the SA-5000 preamp yet so I am not sure what tubes are in there but will look at Mike's site tonight. I will be using the amp with Alon V MKII speakers, CEC TL-2X transport and Audio Logic 34 DAC that has Amperex BB 7316s and 6DJ8s in it now.

Sounds like Amperex or GEB may be the best bet then. Perhaps a PQ, 7308 or one of the other classics? Both use 6dj8 variants and you will definitely want to swap out the other tube too (cheap and well-worth it to go NOS)...

Enjoy! If you want any really specific suggestions or notes, just ping me directly...