Tube recommendations for Cary Cad120s

Hi everyone i just had my first tube blow on my cary cad120s got it replaced with the same type of tube. Though wondering should a guy get the hole kt-88 set changed? On top of that any suggestions for tubes for the cad120s. I am leaning towards kt-120 which is what cary recommends? But just with my budget right now leaning toward the stock elector harminox kt88s if there any good. What are your thoughts
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Stock work well in mine, but I'm using Genalex Gold Lion KT88's and haven't had any problems. Always keep a spare matching set of tubes for back up. If one of your outside tubes went # 1-7 or # 2-8 you may have a cold solder joint out. People don't give this amp the credit it's due. It's a great amp especially hooked to the SLP98P. If you go with KT120's call Cary to ask what to bias them at. Good luck.
Im just wondering what is a cold solder joint? never heard of it.
We've re-tubes a lot of those as I've sold a bunch of those amps. KT120's would be a great move and very durable as long as you get good ones.

Get a matched octet. Not two quads. And buy one matched spare. That way if a tube fails in either channel you are handled.

You should know that KT120's vary buy 40% in how long they will last, when you buy them new. And the factory will not take them back, no matter who you are as a tube dealer.

We've addressed that problem for you.
I haven't used the KT 120s myself so I won't comment about using them. I have however used the Gold Lion KT-88s and think they are wonderful. A rich somewhat softer edged sound than many but does not fail in picking up detail or subtlety. I would caution you about doing something based on price, it isn't worth it. Save up or whatever but buy the best sounding tubes you can afford. Tubes really do matter!