Tube Recommendations for C-J PV10B/MV55 Combo

I wonder whether newer tubes (EL34 and 12AX7) tubes would give me just as good sound or reasonnalby good sound at far lower cost than Bugle Boys, for example. I have Bugle boys in my NYAL Moscode Minuet preamp, and one is pretty noisy).

Anyways, my main question is: For my Conrad-Johnson PV10B and MV55 preamp/amp combo, would Winged "C" EL34's be more transparent (and provide fuller bass) than my current Shuguang EL34's? Maybe even the economical Electro Harmonix could be worthwhile, despite the negative press it gets from some people. Any recommendantions as to newer, decent 12AX7?

Any recommendations welcome...

Also regarding cabling: Would the Anti-Cable interconnects with Eichmann plugs be more suitable for the CJ preamp and amp than Nordost Red Dawn?

My speakers are DIY Scan-Speak d'Appolito configuration (2 7-inch woofers)
After reading many positive comments about the Sovtek 12AX7"LPS", I tried a couple was VERY pleased with the results. I tried them in a phono stage and also a tube DAC. Nice indeed...
If you speak to CJ, they don't go for the expensive NOS tubes. I would look at NOS GE's or 5751's. EH or Tesla should be fine. You should consider buying from a dealer who can match them for you.
As far as EL34's: The Shuguangs come in several versions of quality. All sounded "muddy" and "soft" to me. My favorite low budget tubes were Svetlans WXT, I believe they are the Sovteks now. Money does pay off here though. I'd love to have vintage Mullards. Currently using NOS Groove Tubes with Svetlana's as back ups.
What's in your PV10? I have 1 with Mullard CV4003's and substitute with Siemens ocasionally that are both nice. Although the unbranded East Germany 12AU7's that I got from CJ years ago are nice as well.
Pops: I have old Amperex Bugle boys 12AX7's and one NOS Mullard 12AT7.
Elevick: How do I find, and recognize, authentic NOS GE EL34's? Which brand 5751 would you recommend... the JAN 5751?
This being said, I don't think I would need 5751's since I don't have too much gain.

What about Winged "C" EL34's? Any experience with those?
Pops: Come to think of it, it's not a 12AT7, but a Mullard CV4003/12AU7 tube that I have in the mt PV10B/phono preamp. At least, I think that the PV10B preamp takes only one 12AU7 tube.