Tube recommendations for AES AE-3 Preamp

Does anyone have tube suggestions for this Audio Electronic Supply pre-amp? I'm new to tube components, and I realize the perfect tube is always going to be a personal preference. With that said, I know upgrading to a NOS tube will be an improvement to reduce microphonics, and help combat the thin sounding digital music.

I have a tight budget, so any suggestions for 6SN7 tubes on the AE-3 would be great!

I had the AE-3 DJH for awhile and had good luck with vintage Sylvania VT-231 and Tung-Sol 6SN7 tubes but was also happy with the reissue Tung-Sol and that might be a good fit if you're on a budget.

Best advice I could give would be to email Jim McShane at McShane Design and tell him what you need and how much you have to spend.
I had an AE-3 and later a DJH. The best tube--to my liking--was 6SN7GTB RCA silver label. It had a fleshy bottom end without sounding bloated, and a midrange to die for. I also liked Sylvania, but I kept coming back to the RCAs.
Though they will not equal the likes of Sylvanias, I have two recommendations for low cost tubes.

Raytheon and the silver colored metal based Shuguang 6N8P. Both sound satisfyingly good, at pricing that comes in lower than the lousy sounding current production out of Russia and China.
I have an AES AE-3 Mkii preamp and after some tube rolling I settled in on vintage yellow writing Sylvania's.
The vintage Tungsols had a bit less of a soundstage as did the RCA's.
The new production EH's were my least favorite.
Also, I replaced the stock GZ34 rectifier with a vintage, early 60's Mullard GZ34.
It mates up well with my AES Superamp Mkii as well as my just completed Bob Latino M125's.
I love the sound of this little preamp and the remote is a convenient feature.

Al. Wise
Thanks for everyone's input. I found a good deal and settled on some matching NOS Sylvania GTB black plate chrome domes....

Anyone have any experience with these tubes?
Make sure they are quiet. Many of the preamp tubes for sale in cyberspace are noisy.
Hmmm...I would certainly hope they're quiet, but like I said I'm new to tube components so I may not recognize abnormal levels of noise caused by defective tubes. Any thing in particular I should look out for
I have yet to find a chrome dome Sylvania to be noisey.
The EH's on the other hand sang like a bird.

Al. Wise
I bought a pair of Sylvania GTB chrome domes from a well-regarded seller on Audio Asylum and in a Cary Sli-80 amp they are very quiet and sound superb. Good choice.