Tube recommendation for SFL1

Thanks for those who recommended SFL1 for my Bryston 3BST amp with B&W CDM1SE and two Kimber 8TC biwired. Since I am new to Tube amp, could you also recommend good tubes for SFL1? How much do I expect spend on tubes and what are their lives in general? Thanks much. Danny.
The SFL 1 uses only a single tube which is great because you can experiment with several brands to tune the sound to your liking for around $15 to $30 per tube. I used a Mullard nos in mine and it was sensational with a ss amp. The parts connection which is a division of Sonic Frontiers offers several and can tell you the sonic characteristics of each one.
Talk to the tube guru ,Kevin Deal at Upscale Audio.I got a matched pair of Tungsram 6922 tubes for my Audible Illusions. M3A ,and it was equivalent to an upgrade.A Mullard tube should sound fine for now ,as it was what I had in my SFL-1 Sig. Happy listening!
I have a NOS unused Mullard for the Sonic Frontiers SFl-1 Siganture I used to have I got from the Parts Connection. I'd part with it for $ 35. I also have a Telefunken I got from Kevin deal with about 60 hours on it for $145. They are quite rare.
Hi, Try Siemens, or Telefunken. These are a bit more pricy, however, depending on the kind of music you like. You may find these more suitable. Simon [email protected]