Tube Rec's for Counterpoint SA-5000 & SA-220

In my Audio Logic 34 DAC I am using Amperex Bugle Boy Holland tubes (2) 7316s and (2) 6DJ8 tubes. They sound great.

I am now getting a Counterpoint SA-5000 preamp and SA-220 hybrid power amp. I will only use the linestage in the preamp which takes (2) 6DJ8s in the line stage and in the voltage regulator (2) 6DJ8s, (1) 12AX7 and (1) 6CA4 tubes. The SA-220 hybrid power amp takes (5) 6DJ8s and (1) 6CA4 tube.

Should I continue to use the Amperex BBs in all of the 6DJ8 postions? I need help with the other tubes as I am pretty new to tubes.

I haven't really swapped mine much. I put some 70s gold pin Mullards in mine a few years ago and they stayed. They sounded much much better than the original Counterpoint tubes and the JJ/Tesla replacements I tried. I did notice slight improvements when I upgraded the Power supply tubes (more dynamic, better bass, etc), but the line stage is where you should focus most. Those Aperex tubes should be great if they're not too noisy (and you like the sound). You could try them in the power supply too, but that might be overkill.