Tube question - need new ones

I have a Conrad Johnson tube preamp and amp. I need new tubes. Conrad Johnson charges an arm and a leg for tubes. Do I really need the expensive tubes from them. Can anyone suggest a cheaper vendor?
I would think the tubestore, the tube monger, tubedepot, etc would have the tubes you want.
add ebay, zzounds, fullcompas and sweetwater.
Upscale Audio. Good Luck
Check with Jim McShane - he is always helpful with choosing the right tube for your application and budget.
I agree with Miner42. Check with Jim McShane for his thoughts on the tubes for your CJ gear. I've bought from Jim McShane in the past for all sorts of tubes and they have turned out great with my gear.
Andy at Vintage Tube Services is also a good place to look for tubes and its very likely that he knows the CJ already.

Our customers have been very happy with his work.
Andy at Vintage tube services is nice guy and really knows his stuff. Upscale Audio is also good source.
Another recommendation for Jim McShane, which goes by the name McShane Design. He is a sponsor of Tube Asylum on Audio Asylum and can be found there as well.
c-j tells you that you should only use tubes purchased from them. They may test their tubes more than others but there is nothing unique about their tubes. You can buy tubes from other vendors and many people do.

Many people also tube roll in c-j amps and preamps and often find tubes that they prefer from manufacturers other than the ones c-j uses.

There may be a problem with the warranty if you use tubes not purchased from c-j so I would ask them about that. I don't know if there is any problem or not, but if you have to send anything back to c-j for warranty work make sure you have c-j sourced tubes in the gear.
if cj factory asks to send amp with tubes for warranty service, you should keep originals, but use any so you can send them unit back.
I have excellent feedback with Jesse Brent. Superb service and a thorough gentleman. highly recommended.
When I had a CJ amp I bought/replaced the 6550s from a variety of online dealers at a fraction of the cost quoted by CJ. YMMV
How about a shout for Roger Modjeski? He does tubes specifically for CJ and his RAM tubes are always good one's. is the address and the prices are good for what you are getting.
RAM tubes are graded for noise and you pay for that. Some of the tubes are inexpensive Chinese but he tests them like no one else. If you need supremely quiet tubes he might be the right guy. All that testing and rooting out less than the best of the lot is not free however. He prints his prices so you don't have to guess.
I have bought many tubes on the open market and it is really a crap shoot (emphasis on crap). Unless your willing to lose your money and have a high aggravation level response I would avoid it.
I will give you this bit of advice, you generally get what you pay for. Most of my really good tubes were not inexpensive. A couple here and there but it is the exception to the rule. Such as not overpaying for the manufacturer's tube sets.