Tube question/concern JOLIDA 302 B

hey now! i am runing a jolida 302 B and recently my wife was cleaning the amp and unbeknownst to me she bumped one of the 12ax7 tubes ajar. i powered up not knowing this and noticed the sound was garbled coming out of the left channel. i realized the tube was off kilter and pushed the tube back to its original position with no problem. however i noticed the next time i powered up there was no sound coming out of the left channel again. tubes all loked good, but when i pressed the tube that was ajar before just a tad the tube lit up again and all was kosher. my question is: should i do any kind of follow up to be sure all is well. all seems well. everything sounds fine and plays well at both loud and soft levels. should i replace the tube? is it possible the bad connection damged the tube? any help is greatly appreciated. btwi purchased this unit through an audiogon member and have been super happy with it's performance!
There are a couple of possibilities.

One is that the tube just needed a good re-insert and everything is fine now.

Another is that a pin on the tube was damaged when bumped. If so the tube needs replacement.

The least desirable issue would be the bump damaged the tube socket. This is unlikely in my experience. While the part is not expensive, that is a service call item unless you are very comfortable with using a soldering iron on the insides of an amp.

If you have a dead channel again, switch the tubes from the left channel to right and see if the problem follows the tube. If so, replace the tube. If you continue having dead channel issues in the original channel, have the amp checked by a technician.
Shouldn't be a big deal. You can try cleaning the pins to get better contact? Hey, if they are the stock Jolida tubes, this is a great excuse to spend $50 or so and buy some real tubes. Your wife can't bitch about that?
Use a pin straightener. Then it should fit the socket perfectly. True NOS Mullards seem to come with these standard, but if you have only stock Jolida it won't be lying around. Look at Antique Electronic Supply or the likes for it. It is just a plastic disk with pin holes in it.