Tube Pwr Amp Speaker impedance matching

Ok...i have a tube power amp with 8 and 4 ohm taps for speakers.

I have bi amp (able) electrostatics. Can i take the 8 ohm tap and connect to the conventional push pull woofer and connect the 4 ohm taps to the panels? This would better match the components of the speaker to the impedance taps. What am i missing here, since the transformer has both sets of taps and windings?
Yes you can, and if they are really the impedance you believe them to be, it should work fine.

But ESL panels are seldom one actual impedance, often very high at low frequencies and falling to very low at high frequencies. So maybe it will work best with the 4 ohm tap, but I'd also try the other taps to see if one is even more optimum. Same for the woofer.

Regards, Allen