Tube (Primaluna) or Solid state (Parasound JC2)

Hi,  I listen to all types of music, but mostly rock and jazz.  I have JC1 Monoblocks and Tekton Ulfs on the way.  Any suggestions?  

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Tough question.
Both are good brands. How they work with Tekton's is hard to say.
I think the only way is to trial both and see what floats your boat.
Source and Preamp will also contribute to your decision.
Between those two choices I would take the Primaluna tube preamp to pair with your JC 1 amps.  The JC 1 have a 100k ohm input impedance so will match with a tubed preamp no problem.  I like tubes in the equipment chain.
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What Preamplifier are you currently using?
I read a LOT of reviews and they all say that they both have excellent detail, soundstage, dynamics,etc.  my worries are that the JC2 May be bright, and that the tubes won't rock.  I know that the SS combo will reveal any less than perfect recording, which a lot of older 70's albums are. I'm sure they will Rock Pearl Jam, etc. I'm sure both will be excellent with classical and jazz.  I don't want harshness or everything to be over smooth. Lastly, I already have XLR cables for DAC to pre and for Pre to monoblocks.  The Primaluna doesn't have XLR.  I was very surprised.  Any thought on balanced vs RCA's ?

No preamp.  All new system.  Got rid of my old stuff
I had my DIs with all ss, all tube, and with tube pre and ss amp. The last was the best combination for sure. I know have a Lyngdord 2170 and feel it eclipses all the others.