Tube Preamps with Bass?

I love what a tube preamp does for the mids and soundstage in my system but I hear the loss of bass slam, weight and dynamics. I was looking at the Blue Circle G-3, Lamm LL2, CJ LS-17, First Sound Presence Deluxe, Joule Elextra.

Any opinions on these preamps or any others in the $5K or so price range mated to the Pass X-250 power amp and producing the added bass slam, weight and dynamics?

Thanks and Happy Listening.
Hovland will likely not give you bass as someone suggested.

Used, find a SF Line 3, it will not only give bass but authority through out the music spectrum.

I currently use a Pass Labs Aleph P which gives a tremendous presentation.

p.s. i previously used a line 3!
Stehno, I think that may be part of the problem. Some preamps don't let the bass slam and dynamics come through...

Bigkidz, I think I understand what you are looking for as I am looking for the same. As mentioned the Supratek is very good.

Another that you should consider that directly addresses what you are looking for is the Joule LA-150, not LA-100. The LA 100 is a sweet, lush sounding preamp. I have heard it and it is extremely good. (I am familiar with the Joule equipment as I own one of Jud's OTL amps.) According to Jud Barber and Bobby Palkovic (Merlin) the LA150 improves upon the LA100 in every way, most notably slam and dynamics. I am buying the LAP-150 and I expect it to better the Syrah Supratek preamp I have heard... but I don't know for sure it will. If it does it will be some kinda pre... I don't think you can really go wrong with either.

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Bigkidz, if you're just looking for the bass slam in preamp, you should consider ARC LS-5 MKIII.
It has excellent top to bottom frequency response like no others. However, the only setback is -- You need ALL balanced components to use it because that's all it have.
S23chang, no I am looking for a great tube peramp sound where the tube preamp has some bass. I have just received a well know tube preamp but compared to my Pass X-1 lacks the same bass weight, slam and bass dynamics. I guess I want it all.

Happy Listening.