Tube preamps under 2K with 2 outputs?


I am looking for a tube pre-amp for no more than $2K (new or used) that also has 2 outputs. I have heard good things about Rogue, Cary, etc.. but I do not know if they more than one output.
Sonic Frontiers Line 1 and Line 2 each have two pair of outputs. The Line 1 can be had used for $1000-1200., and the Line 2 for about $1600-1800. These pre-amps also sound great, have excellent headphone sections, and great remotes. Cheers. Craig
Sibelius, Roger Modjeski's Music Reference RM5 also has 2 sets of outs and lists new right at 2k. It occasionally pops up used and is often a great value. I've had one for a few months and couldn't be happier for the money spent. has the best descriptive literature I've found.
I believe has what you're looking for. if not i'm sure albert can custom build something to suit your needs. i've heard two different space-tech pieces and they are SUPER values. beautiful to look at and to listen to.
Audible Illusions 3A has 2 outputs and great sound, especially if you are into vinyl.
I second Slowhand's comments. This from the AI Modulus 3A manual:

"Main Out #2 is the same Main Out #1 but includes a 470 Ohm resistor in series with the output. This "higher impedance" corrects for anomalies, i.e., "tube glare" that are exhibited in some brands of tubes."
The Anthem pre1L and pre2L both have 2 sets of outputs. I have had both preamps. Currently I am using the Anthem Pre1L, and it has some other nice features, such as headphone jack. Check it out at the Sonic Frontiers website.
As far as I know, all c-j preamps came with 2 outs. Hope that hasn't changed.
Thanks for your input all. It is very appreciated.
I'm quite pleased with the Audio Research LS15. It has 1 single ended output and 2 balanced outs