Tube Preamps under $1000 used

Hi I'm a newbe. I have a decent 2 channel system: CJ preamp, Hafler power amp Sonus Faber speakers a B&O RX turntable and a Magnum Dynalab tuner. And I'm interested in replacing my existing carousel player with a new CD player. Would you please educate me on the difference between transports and CD players? Also what is Redbook. I thought this was a womans magazine
Did you change your mind on the content of your note AFTER writing the header?

A CD player is an all-in-one. It contains both a physical transport for the disc and the laser system but also the digital-to-analog converter, or DAC. A transport contains only the first part of this.

'Redbook' is the term some of us apply to standard CDs, as opposed to hi-res CDs (HDCDs), SACDs, and DVD-As, among others. These standards literally were published in a red book, hence the name.
Thanks Jefferybehr! It seems I'm also a newbe to posting a question in the correct catagory. But, you've answered my qestion and I appreciate it.