Tube Preamp with Solid State Amp?


I’ve seen some folks using Tube Preamps with Solid State Am ps. I’m thinking of doing that with my system as part of an incremental change. I currently have a Parasound P5 preamp with a Parasound A21 driving Klipsch Cornwall 4’s. Will a decent / good Tube Preamp really make a difference in my sound? I enjoy what I have now but really want to experience Tubes in my system. Thanks!
I have a BLUESOUND Vault >MFA MAGUS A2 TUBE PREAMPLIFIER > MIetner MTR101 solid state  MONOBLOCKS > BOZAK URBAN Speakers; I got these used via Facebook Marketplace and was lucky to have experienced and friendly sellers and I was given good advice by them. I ended with this  setup that is fantastic! I want to add a higher end streamer DAC turntable but not until my budget allows and if it doesn’t allow I am fine as is. 
Pairing tube preamps with various SS amps, Parasound, Pass Labs, FirstWatt is a common and recurring thread here on Agon.

Even Nelson Pass put together a DIY Nutube flat tube preamp design to pair along with his own SS FirstWatt amplifiers. It all depends on what you are trying to accomplish. Increasing trend since streaming of music has become more popular to help take the "edge’ off...


Pass Labs:

Nutube DIY:

my tubepre amp and ss poweramp is a marriage in heaven , preamp AudioResearch REF 3 ,

poweramp 2 x VK1000 BAT which have to drive B&W 800N

Preamp tubes all 6H30P-DR and NOS Tungsoll 6550 black plate
I've been using a 1981 Conrad Johnson PV2ar tube preamp with a 100W modified Hafler SS amp to drive a pair of Klipschorns and have been entirely satisfied with the sound.
Originally a CJ MV75 tube amp was part of my system but the heat generation, tube costs, and recurring power switch failures (!!) convinced me that maintenance on one tube device was enough. 
Perhaps there are sonic nuances lost by going solid state for the amp....but my system sounds so good the way it is I'll never go back.
If possible, audition multiple amps in your system and pick the one that sounds best to you.
By the way, my Schiit Freya/Had "Firebottle" SEP amp combo cost less than 2 grand (the Had amp was used for a few months), and is an astonishingly coherent and musical system that for my tastes provides what SS gear, try as they may, does not. 2 REL subs for low bass shy Heresy IIIs make it thunder, although I'm tied to efficient speakers (in a good way).