Tube preamp with remote for 1K used

I am looking for a good tube preamp with a remote. I do not need phono. Her is my associated equipment:

Odyssey Stratos Monoblocks
Audio Physic Virgos
Pioneer 525 Dvd Player modded by Stan Warren

I am currently using a passive but want to try a tube pre with this system.

ALL suggestions would be very helpful.

Here are some considerations by brand:
Sonic Frontiers
Audio Electronic Supply
Rogue Audio 66... In its own league for this price point.
I'm quite happy with the Melos SHA Gold Reference. Throw in some Siemens E188CC or Ccas and it really sings. No need to upgrade for quite awile, AFAIC. Good luck in your search.
i'm w/musicdoc - i heard an older wersion - the sha-gold, a couple years ago & was blown away by the sound for the price. i currently use the melos' top-line two-box wersion, the music director (was ma-333r), but the sha-gold/gold-r is right up there...

doug s.

ps - there's currently an sha-gold, f/a on ebay w/a "buy now" price of $649...

I second the Rogue - mine does a very nice job (no remote, has the phone section). You could possibly get a used one for around $700 and then talk to Rogue about the $250 Magnum upgrade - will put you right on budget...
I agree the Melos SHA series is a nice pre.I believe they only have 2 tubes so if you dont want to have to spend alot for a tube roll this may be a factor.Please correct me John and Dug if Im wrong about the # of tubes(as if you wouldnt):) Also,the Rogue is avaliable with a remote just to clear up any confusion from RGD's post.Last I knew Rogue was going to start offering the 66 with a remote and phono together.
my music-director is a true fully-balanced design, so it has 4 6922/7308 tubes. but, the single-ended wersions & the sha-golds (single-ended inputs w/balanced & single-ended outputs) i do believe use only two 6922/7308 toobs.

doug s.

David - tx for clarifying my post(brain to typing fingers translation lost something) - what I meant to say was that Rogue offers the 66 in either the phono or remote version and mine was the phono version. Possibly now there is a unit with both those functions combined...Mark O'Brien at Rogue is a great guy to deal with and will answer all of your questions.
You might also want to consider BAT VK3i (might be a touch more with the remote). Balanced and single-ended, optional phono, 4 6922 and 2 6v6s, so there would be more $ in tubes, for sure (although these units are suppossedly much easier on tubes than AI 3 .
I agree with the SHA Gold people. I've had mine for years and don't feel the need to get a new one. I may send it in and get it upgraded to the Reference status. I guess I should take the opportunity and ask if other owners think the reference is significantly better than the standard. And the answer is? ........
Rogue 66 with the magnum upgrade. The Magnum really is a huge upgrade to the entire Rogue line.
GO ROGUE! Mark O'Brien is cool! He has great free T-shirts and even gave me some NOS 6SN7's Of course I earned it all.I hooked Rogue up with a dealer here in WNY and was "paid" He also invited me to a show as a guest of Rogue.I hope he remembers when I get the magnum upgrade for my 99! You Rogue lovers,get some business cards from Mark and spread the word and get these fine products in more shops.Great products and great guys! I once was a soldier in the KISS army,Now Im a soldier in the ROGUE army! Sorry,tough day at work.
Sedond, Is the Melos MA 333 the same as the Music director that you are refering to?
yup, the m-d is yust the latest iteration. the older one's ackshully have a more transparent wolume pot - the photentiometer, instead of alps pots. but they had q/c problems - dint hold up well to the rigors of ups. the one on a-gon for $750 is a *steal*!!! ;~) i'd buy it, but i don't need two...

doug s.