Tube Preamp with PS Audio P300

I have a PS Audio P300 power conditioner with mult wave and I'm buying a BAT VK 5i preamp.Can I use the power conditioner with a tube preamp? Would mult wave effect the tubes?
I have heard some negative things about certain equipment being run through the PS Audio. With something as expensive as a BAT pre, I'd email BAT and ask them directly.
Do not bother. The P300 cannot handle the current demands of the BAT preamp.
PP-300 may not provide enough start up current for BAT. You might want to check with Victor at BAT or Paul at PS Audio about that. My VK-50SE is powered by a PP-600 with great results. Some MW settings will cause the transformers to buzz. Mine is set at PS-2 and it is dead silent.

If you could stretch your budget a bit I would strongly suggest getting a PP-600 instead. Although a PP-300 is rated at 300W but in reality, you don’t want to push it beyond 200 or it will get very hot – even with the internal fan. And once you try it with a piece of your equipment, you will want to plug in more and very soon a PP-300 will run out of juice. PP-600 is rated at 720W and is more flexible. I have my entire front-ends (5 pieces) plus a 53” RPTV powered by a single PP-600 without any problem. They draw a total of 420W.

BTW, if you are getting the PP-600, make sure you order the new top plate with a vent slot. It helps cool down the unit a lot.
It would be very unlikely that the BAT would draw more current than the 300 is capable of delivering. My Audio Research preamp uses only about 35 watts. My powerplant does not have multi-wave and I use the 60 cycle setting only and have had no noise or tube problems. I prefer the sound with the powerplant versus my power wedge or the wall.
What is the power consumption of your BAT pre-amplifer?
The comments written before really surprised me!
I am running through my PS300(with multiwave and fan)an ARC Ref 1 pre-amplifier, a CD player (with isolation transformer) and my Dynalab Tuner. Overall, I am not even consuming 150 watts and the PS 300 is good up to 300 watts. I can also confirm that my system sounds much better through the PS 300.
My VK-50SE does not use much power during normal operation but it requires a lot of current during start up. I was told by BAT that PP-300 cannot handle it. The PP-300 will shut down before the preamp completes its start up cycle. I don't know much about the VK-5i, it might need less power and that was why I suggested to ask BAT and PS Audio.
Im running a Audio Research sp9 tube preamp and its sounds fantastic with the P300...there is so much "black magic" audiophile garbage items around its great to find a "regenerator" that actually perform with such stunning improvements that any neophyte could distinguish.I highly recommend the PS Audio P plants to anyone who wants to hear a stunning improvement over raw power lines....
I actually sold my P300 and replaced it with a Balanced Power Tech BP Jr., which is a transformer type conditioner like the PS Audio--for about 1/2 the price. The result is that my tube gear sounds like tube gear. With the PS Audio, there was an edginess that I didn't care fore. The BPT doesn't seem to get in the way. I also have my CDP, TT, and tuner plugged into it.
I have a BAT VK30, which works fine with my PS300. I am also running an Arcam FMJ23 Cd player off of the PS300.
The PS Audio P300 is not a transformer type conditioner, it is an ac regenerator. It converts the AC from the outlet to DC and then back to AC.

If your AC power is clean with no fluctuations in voltage and with little noise, than a power conditioner or power regenerator will have less of an effect than if the power is poor. In my case, the P600 made a tremendous difference on my TV (blacker blacks and less noise) and my stereo (more soundstage depth), even without using any of the multiwave settings. But again, every situation is different.

Tube equipment is inefficient and thus the P300 would be unlikely to provide enough current over time, regardless of the make or brand of tube amplifier. The p300 is best for front-end components.

I think PS Audio offers a 30 day no questions asked return policy, so it might make sense to try the unit
I thought I saw on AudioAsylum that Victor K__ said the 5i drew 450W peak, and it won't work with P300.
There seem`s to be alot of diferent thought`s on this one. I have a p600 and have my whole system pluged into it at 60 hz sine wave. Keep in mind it`s a AC generator not a line conditioner ,it`s better takeing your line AC changing it to DC then generating back to AC this time all cleaned up. But the big advantage is you can run it form 50hz to 90hz sine wave in 5hz levels. In muli wave settings 50 to 120hz. Tubes don`t like anything but 60hz sine wave it make`s the transformer`s buzz or hum.
Back to my system In my anolog I have a BAT vkp-5 and tried running at a multiwave setting it hummed so I called Victor at BAT and asked if it would hurt it HE SAID NO it would only cause a humm in the transformer. I have to admit it did really open the soundstage, but I did not like the hum so I`m running at 60hz sine wave again.
Now the important part that many touched on the start voltage it will double on the starts Victor said just make sure it does not excede the generator`s capacity. In my case with my system powered up then I turn on the vkp-5 it jumps to 244 watts then back to 158 watts at a idel. You got 300 watts to play with on your starts with the vk-5i I don`t know what the voltage will go to with just that pluged into but I cant imagine it will excede 300 watts give it a try and see what it reads. If it stays under 300 watts your good to go. David