Tube Preamp with phono - replace Rogue Metis?

Hello - I currently have a Rogue Audio Metis Magnum version and use the phono stage (MM only) with pretty good results.

The Metis is my first ever preamp only as I've always had either a receiver or integrated.

I am now seeking input as to a potential replacement for the Metis due to:

- Would like MC capability in the preamp's phono section as well as MM

- The remote control of the Metis is lame, the volume control is not precise enough

Any thoughts on a tubed preamp with MM/MC and decent remote in the used $1500 range that you've had good experiences?

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First you can buy a MC transformer to plug in between the new MC cartridge, and your currnet preamp.
Or a whole phono preamp to bypass your current preamp's internal phono bit.
These could be transitional ways to proceed.
Then, you might broaden your range of preamps, as you no longer need one which has to have a MC built in.
Then you could find the preamp with a remote which have the sensitivity to changing the volume you want.

I also disliked the coarse range of my remote volume control.
I solved that by placing the preamp off to my left side, back a little. i can just reach back and turn the knob.
No problem.
I have my whole rack off to the side, just the amp between the speakers..
I traded up my Metis for a Rogue 99 with the optional onboard phono pre. There is a world of difference between the two in both the line and the phono stages. The complaint you have about the lack of sensitivity of the Metis' remote is, in my opinion, valid and has been mirrored by many who, while praising the Metis, have been less fond of the remote. While the 99 uses the same remote, you will not experience this issue as there is a five position gain switch on the 99 which, when increased, creates much greater sensitivity when using the remote. I spoke with Mark at Rogue about it before I bought my 99 and he was the one who told me about this. He was, true to form, correct. It still doesn't have micro sensitivity, but I do not have it set at the highest gain setting. I now have no complaints about the functioning of the remote at all. The phonostage will handle both MM and medium to high output MC carts, so unless you are going for a low output MC cartridge this stage may suit you well. I upgraded the stock 12AX7's on the phono pre with RCA clear tops, again at the recommendation of the fine folks up at Rogue. Man, what a difference. The highs really came into their own, their presence especially noticeable on my system with female vocalists. I've been very happy with the rig for which I found used at, if memory serves, right around $1400 (maybe $1450). For the money I think you'd be hard pressed to find a better performer.
The Rogue 99 Magnum is in a different league than the Metis. Warm and lush sounding with a optional tube phono stage that would suit your needs.
In between the Metis and 99 is the Perseus or Perseus Magnum with (4)12AU7 tubes, but a SS tube stage. The Perseus Magnum is a major step up from the Metis with very neutral and detailed sound, but suffers from the stepped volume levels on the remote. (IMO, not a deal killer).

I would agree to look for a used 99 Magnum if you like the Rogue house sound.
I added an Avid Pellar phono stage to my Metis and the improvement was impressive. Of course the Pellar is not that far off in price from the Metis itself, I always figured it would play well with any pre upgrade down the road. Now I'm trying to decide whether to give my Metis a magnum upgrade or go with something like a Mystere ca21 for an even bigger upgrade. Anyone have exerience with the ca21?