Tube preamp with DNA-500

Anybody out there with this combination? I'm curious, as the DNA-500 has a pretty low input impedance of 10K ohms. Thanks.

I heard the McCormack being driven with Joule Electra LA100 Mk III and the the sound was fabulous. The newer LA150 should be even better. The transformer coupled preamps such as some of the VAC models and Surprateks would be a great match too.
I was working with a dealer concerning the purchase of a new amplifier that sold both CJ and Mccormack equipment and he recommended either the DNA 500 or the CJ premier 350 for my application and that both amps would match well with my CJ premier 16 tubed pre-amp. I eventually bought the CJ premier 350 from him. But the point of my response is that he felt that CJ tubed pre-amps would match up well with the Mccormack DNA 500. Good Luck and hope I could help.


I agree with Chuck on this one. My current pre-amp is
a CJ CT5 and the two match very well together.
My previous pre-amp was the CJ Premier 17LS and it did
a repespectable job too. I find the new CJ pre-amps
to be better fit sonically for the 500 than the last
generation were. Of course thats just my opinion.

Good luck