Tube preamp w/tone controls around $500?

Does anyone know of any tube preamps w/tone controls for around $500? I need the tone controls to help out bad recordings. If there aren't many options, is there something I could put between the pre and power amps to adjust tone?
Equalizer will do the trick
Since fidelity is the key, to manipulate the tone might not be what you want to do with your high-end pre-amp and power-amp. I do have some bad recordings myself, and often end up with getting addition recordings that are either in better shape or recorded beter. Just a thought.
I used a Musical Fidelity X-Tone to adjust tone
when necessary. I leave it out of my setup most of the
time, but it's great for some of my LPs and even
some overly bright CDs from the 80s. It also improves
the sound of LPs recorded with non-RIAA equalizations.

I think there's one for sale on ebay.

that x-tone looks like it would do the trick, that is, if i even need it. i'll wait until i get my system together and then i'll see. can that be hooked between a tube pre and a solid state amp?

If anyone knows of any similar components i'de love to hear about them!