Tube Preamp w/ Phono to replace Rowland Synergy II

Currently use a Rowland 112 amp, Rowland Synergy II Preamp; Audio Physic Virgo III speakers, Sonic Frontiers Phono 1; Rega Jupiter CD (considering upgrading to levinson 390S); Music Hall MMF-7 TT (also upgrading).

Any ideas on a Tube Preamp with Phono ??? The Hovland was a consideration, but no remote. Have used Sonic Froniters Line 2, but prefered the Synergy II in that comparison.

How about a tubed phono stage with additional input for a CD player or tuner?

Manley Steelhead.
I tried the same thing, lokking for a great tube pre with remote. The ones I wanted cost bigger bucks than I wanted to spend and the others like the Hovland, First Sound, Lamm, had no remote. I ended up with the BAT VK-30SE. You may want to try the BAT VK-31SE or the VK-50SE (it can be upgraded to the 51SE) to see how they sound versus your SS pre.
The VK30/31 SE can have internal phono stage, 50/51SE can not. At your level, you may have to go with separate phono pre to significantly better the Rowland+phono 1.

Looking at your source components, maybe you should start there? What TT are you looking at?
I've been looking at the VPI scout. Seems to be good value.