Tube Preamp w / phono needed to match SS Amp

Looking for a tube preamp with a good MM Phono for under $1000. Prefer non-hybrid. Remote not required. I listen to solo chamber music to hard hitting rock.
Moderate system: Chang LightSpeed Line Filter; Thorens TD318 Mk III w/ Grado Gold; Quad CDP2 w/ DAC; Luxman M117 SS Amp; Van Schweikert VR-2's.
IMHO. . . the Audible Illusions model 3 with phono stage should be right up your alley. Happy Listening,
TAD 150 Signature (has SS phono stage) is very good for the money. Also the CJ PV 10A is a classic. I own both. IMHO, both add warmth and soundstage to most SS amps. TAD has a remote while the CJ does not. I believe the TAD sounds a bit cleaner while the CJ sounds a little warmer. Either is worth considering.
If you can find an MFA Magus, it's the best. All 6922's with great phono. I had an AR 6C that had a really nice phono stageThe other suggestions are all great too.
I'm happy with the TAD-150 for the money. Wish the noise floor was a bit lower in the phono section, but that may be my turntable.
Thanks All for the info. Audible Illusions and MFA Magus are unknown to me. So far, the MFA Magus and CJ PV10A look most interesting. Any others ?
Audible illusions 3a was the best sounding preamp I ever owned.