Tube preamp w/ phono for a Linn Aktiv system?

I am looking for a nice tube preamp with a phono section that might work well in an Aktiv Linn system ? (Classik, LK140 x 2, Katans and Sizmik) Budget is $1000 - 1500 or so.
I bought a WTT turntable, now need a MM phono section and have read that adding a tube preamp to an all Linn system can refine the sound, and have a complimentary effect...
Any thoughts or suggestions are greatly appreciated !
It may save you money to work with a local dealer who understands matching and lets you try things, The Linn has a very unusual load and this will create unexpected synergy issues.

Normally I would go the direction of a tube pre-amp because they sound better globally and it would help smooth out the Linn sound but it may be tricky.

If I were your dealer I would not have anything right now to try but look for Audible Illusions, Encore, VTL, Terrinoux, or Musical Design.

These have always offered way more performance then their new retail price would suggest. (the VTL 2.5 not the bigger ones)