Tube Preamp vs Solid State

I am in the process of choosing the right preamp for my system.
Speakers are Thiel CS 3.7, stereo amp Karan KAS 600 and source Ayon S5 network player.
Having a Karan solid state amp i can either take their KA-L Rerefence Mk3 preamp or go the tube way with a VAC Signature Mk2.
Will i benefit more mating the VAC preamp with my solid state amp ?
Any experience on the subject is welcome.
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If going passive, a used Placette Remote Volume control is a great idea. The Placette line stage can be had used for $800 or so and ads three inputs. These are made with the Nude Vishay bulk foil resistors and are quite accurate.
Any thoughts on the latest big Jeff Rowland stereo amps and monos ?
I don't know what your budget is, but I and at least one other have Ayre MX-Rs paired with a Nagra PL-L. It's a stunning combination. I suspect both of these can be purchased at "reasonable" prices. There are certainly others, but this is a good starting point.