tube preamp used with HT

Looking to get a tube preamp for better 2 channel that I can pass a HT signal through? Interested in the BAT vk30 and mccormack rld, though this is SS. Any advice appreciated.
Most BATs have a pass thru.
VTL's have HT pass throughs.
I'm using a McIntosh C-2200 with HT pass thru and very happy with the unit especially in 2 channel.
Sonic Frontiers Line 2 or Line 3.
Modwright SWL 9.0 SE
Macintosh c2200!
The Audio Research SP16 has an HT pass through as well.
Lector ZOE
I like the looks of the sonic frontiers, but the poor quality reviews on audioreview concern me. How about bel canto sep 1?
Advice on belles 21a, mccormack rld, bat vk30?
SF Line preamps poor quality? Nonsense. Try reading elsewhere.