Tube Preamp to Match with Aragon 4004 mk2

I am looking for a tube preamp to match with an old Aragon 4004 mk2 amplifier. It must have a home theater bypass input for inclusion in a audio/video system. Any recommendation? Thanks.
VTL 5.5 pre
You made no mention of budget. I use a Jolida Fusion with my BEL 1001 MK5. The Fusion lists at $1300 and to me seem a good all tube pre for the $$$. Has HT bypass, remote, balanced ins and outs.

The VTL 2.5. either new or used, would be a good match and lower priced alternative to the very good VTL suggested by Ryriken.
I once used the 2.5 with an Aragon 4004 (original model, not a mk2) and it was a very good combo. I replaced its 4 standard Russian tubes with NOS(new old stock) Mullard tubes from Upscale Audio ($200 for all 4)and the sq improved a step or two with the touch of added warmth and bloom. It also has a ht bypass and basic (volume/mute) remote control.

Good luck.

Thanks Tim.
A used VTL 2.5 fits better with my budget. I am looking to get the added bloom of tubes without sacrificing too much in the lower registers. Nothing like the sound of an upright bass in a jazz trio. The HT bypass and remote are certainly an added value. Thanks again.